Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Great American Hero My uncle Jim - Get to work son, there's a lot of daylight in front of us" He would say if he were here today

What hero's are the children of today given as role models? Growing up as a young man in the 60's and early 70's I had one role model. My Uncle Jim, A great man who never took no for answer. The world was clear to him, there was a right way and a wrong way to do things. You were always expected to do the right thing. Respect woman, Say yes sir, no sir and thank you. Jim adopted me at the age of 4 years old as his son he only had two daughters. He lived three doors up the street from our house. Jim was retired, I was mentored by him for the next 6 years. My dad traveled, drank and hated America, so I got to see a drastically different view of the world as a young man. My Dad would not let me fly an American Flag, But Jim let me fly his every day when I came to work and learn. The first thing we would do is hang the Flag and say the Pledge . I was so proud when my first teacher asked me to lead the class everyday and say the pledge because I was the only one who knew it already. Jim could not have been more proud.

Uncle Jim was the hardest working man I have ever known, He used to say " God put us on this earth for a reason, so get to work son"! He would read things like the Constitution and the Federalist papers to me. We rebuilt Cars together and motorcycles, Jim could fix anything. He worked and I handed him the tools and learned.

We moved when I was Ten and my father would not let me see Jim again. The values that he instilled in me I carry with me to this Day. I always finish a job and do it the right way. I try to always leave a place better than when I got there. I always Thank God for any opportunity.

Looking back I see now that Jim Needed me as Much as I had needed Him, You see Jim Had lost his right arm saving 6 fellow soldiers in the Korean war. He was right handed, so He had to learn how to do everything over left handed. Jim made me do anything with both hands equally. Now I understand why.

I know realize that the medals I played with as a child were his, from the war. The letters he read to me were letters that he had written to him from soldiers he had lead as their Captain. The visits we got were not just from friends, they were from men in his command. I understand why now they always saluted Jim When arriving and leaving his home.

I spent my teen years reading history books and watching shows that had hero's, and right always beat out evil. Where the Hero's loved America. It seems so silly today to even say those words.

Because of My Uncle Jim, as a teen I admired People like Ronald Reagan, Bill Walsh, Oliver North, Rocky Bleir, and Roberto Clemente.

I watched Shows like The Rockford files, Hogans hero's, Star Trek, and yes the A - Team.

The good guy always won and always did the right thing and you pulled for the under dog.

Folks My Uncle Jim was asked when being carried off the battle field what he was going to do now that he was going home. He looked up at the medic and said " I guess I am going two have to learn how to play the piano with one arm." By the way he did!

We have to start asking ourselves with the same brutal honesty what is really wrong with our country! I fear we need not look any further than the mirror.

I guess the question you have to ask yourself, What kind of role model are you? What kind of America do I want to leave behind for my Grand kids? If you have children what are they watching. What are they learning about America in school, who are their idols? Who have we given them to look up too?

America is the underdog today, and you have to step up and be the hero to the next generation if you want to save our great country. You words matter! Your actions matter! Each of us can make a difference, the time is now. Embrace our great country with both of your good hands and hold on to what you know is right and true!

Take a stand do the right thing each and every day!

My Uncle Jim would if he could, he's been gone now for 15 years, but his spirit lives on in everyone who ever knew him.

"Get to work son, there's a lot of daylight in front of us" He would say if he were here today!