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Want to know how the lame ducks in Congress plan to "cut" federal spending – which seemed to be a dominating theme of the 2010 elections? They're proposing a plan to take upwards of $44 billion a year from taxpayers and hand it over to illegal aliens who are in the United States so they can go to college.

The plan is called the Dream Act, for Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors, and its critics know it as an amnesty program for illegal aliens. Its supporters say anyone who doesn't want to spend the money on college subsidies for illegal aliens is "racist."

But policy experts are warning the act is truly transformative and in the end, among other things, would authorize federal loans to literally millions of newly qualified applicants and provide a preference for the children of illegal aliens in state college admissions.

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According to the Department of Education, the maximum amount one can borrow per year for undergraduate education from the federal government is $21,000. And the Dream Act would incorporate some 2.1 million new "students" into programs under which they would qualify for those loans.

"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [D-Nev.] has placed S. 2837, the Dream Act, on the legislative calendar, and has indicated he will seek a vote during the lame duck session of Congress," Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., ranking GOP member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said in an immigration alert. "The Dream Act will give them access to in-state tuition rates at public universities, federal student loans and federal work-study programs."

The education provisions are buried deep within the text of a general, overall amnesty bill, which may make the U.S. the new legal home for millions of now-illegal aliens, including criminals, Sessions said.

Opponents say the lame duck session of Congress should not move forward on issues that previously were rejected by lawmakers, especially on such monumental and controversial topics.

While the issue needs to be addressed, they said, it needs a full discussion.

True immigration reform "deserves comprehensive legislation that addresses all aspects of the subject, balancing all legitimate interests," said Joseph A. Morris, a board member of the American Conservative Union and a former associate attorney general of the U.S. under President Reagan.

"It should go to the head of the agenda in the new Congress, so that there is plenty of time for thorough hearings and an open and informed national debate," he said.

But many say plans to address the landmark change not only are being pushed now by Reid, who failed to get it through the U.S. Senate earlier, and outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but they are planning to march it through the process without hearings.

Sessions said some of the more stunning provisions of the plan are:

* Section 3 of the bill repeals Section 505 of the "Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996" (8 U.S. Code 1623) which currently prohibits the government from giving educational benefits to any "unlawfully present individual," thus ensuring that illegal aliens will qualify for "in-state tuition," at the state college of their choice, even if they live in another state.

* Section 10 of the act enables illegal aliens who receive amnesty under the bill's general provisions to apply for federally guaranteed student loans under Title IV of the "Higher Education Act of 1965" (20 U.S. Code, et seq.), including Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, Federal Direct Stafford/Ford loans, federal work-study programs and federally sponsored tutoring and counseling.

* Another section of the bill ensures that illegal aliens can continue to receive these federal student loans, which are often used to cover living expenses, as well as tuition, over the course of eight years, even if they do not complete a college degree.

An earlier version of the bill failed in the Senate in September, garnering only 56 Democratic votes, when it needed 60 to prevent a GOP filibuster.

Reid, with his renewed push for the drastic changes, is believed by some observers to be paying back Latino supporters, who helped him narrowly defeat tea party favorite Sharron Angle in the Nevada senate race a few weeks ago, by bringing the controversial measure back, and enhancing it with additional goodies.

Other radical left politicians, like Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., a key ally of Pelosi, D-Calif., are also publicly supporting the bill in the House.

"At a time when natural born Americans cannot afford to send their kids to college, watching the federal government take their tax dollars to pay for tuition on behalf of illegal aliens is a clear slap in the face," Rev. Isaac C. Hayes, the GOP nominee against Jesse Jackson Jr. this past fall and an emerging voice in the African-American conservative movement, told WND.

"Jesse Jackson Jr. is a staunch supporter of this amnesty bill and has demonstrated the ultimate betrayal to his community," he said.

Democrats, however, are feeling pressure. It appears clear if President Obama, a supporter of amnesty, does not get the bill through during the lame duck session of Congress, he will not see it passed at any time during the remaining two years of his term.

Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, author of the 1986 immigration reform bill and incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has signaled that liberal spending programs that put taxpayers on the hook no longer on the table in the U.S. House, where Republicans will be the majority. His comments came when he said this week that he and his colleagues would be "moving forward with our agenda to rein in government spending and create more jobs."

It was Colin O'Donohoe, artistic director for the Pangean Orchestra, an all-illegal alien performing troupe, who said, "I believe the issue is purely racist in nature and does nothing more than stir up hatred for Hispanics.

"Our country has hundreds of years of history in allowing people to immigrate. Now that the economy is weak we are turning our anger towards the easiest target which is the people least able to defend themselves," he said.

E.W. Jackson Sr., who works with STAND PAC, recently wrote the Dream Act is a nightmare that will lead to chaos.

"I know why Reid and his liberal Democrats want to pass the Dream Act. They just lost an election, and they're scared. When they look at 2012, they see their prospects for success are dismal, because Americans aren't coming on board with their big government agenda.

"They desperately need to gather up millions of new voters who will support them. What better way to do this than to open up a wealth of entitlements for millions of people here illegally, making them beholden to Democrats and their socialist agenda!"

He warned, "You are going to pay for it … Dream Act recipients will immediately become eligible for federal student loans, work study programs and other forms of financial aid – all on your dime."

Iran, North Korea, Cuba teach U.S. human rights America told to ensure food supplies, stop 'natural disasters' in poor nations

The results of the Obama administration's decision to submit the United States to the evaluation of the U.N.'s Human Rights Council, a procedure snubbed by the Bush administration because of the records of those on the panel, are starting to appear, and they include harsh condemnation from such human rights "leaders" as Cuba, Libya, and Iran.

Before the report was unveiled, experts predicted that it would be used as "cannon fodder" by critics of the U.S.

It seems that those forecasts are coming true, with nations such as Egypt, where the government arrests Christians who complain of being attacked by Muslims, and China, which has harshly limited couples to one child with forced abortions, lining up to instruct the U.S. on human rights.

"Schmoozing with Terrorists: From Hollywood to the Holy Land Jihadists Reveal their Global Plans – to a Jew!"

A video has been prepared by an organization called "eyeontheun" that highlights the more egregious comments:

The Universal Periodic Review report itself has been posted online by the Heritage Foundation.

As Esther Brimmer, an assistant secretary in the bureau of international organization affairs under Obama, talked about what an "honor" it was for the U.S. to be put under the scrutiny of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Castro regime and others, the criticism, relayed through interpreters, started.

* From Cuba came a recommendation "to end the blockade against Cuba, which is described as a crime of genocide … to put on trial the perpetrators of torture … to halt the war crimes of their troops abroad … to put an end to the persecution and execution of mentally ill persons and minors and discrimination against persons of African origin." Additionally, the Cuban delegation insisted the U.S. "ensure realization of rights of food and health of all who live in their territory."

* From Iran was a call "to implement the following recommendations … to halt serious violations of human rights and humanitarian law … Legislate appropriate regulations to prevent the violation of individual privacy … to take effective measures to counter insults against Islam and the holy Quran as well as Islamophobia … and effectively combat violence against women."

* Nicaragua tagged the U.S. with the blame for, well, almost everything: "The United States of America, since its very origin, has used force indiscriminately as the central pillar of its policy of conquest and expansionism, causing death and destruction … The United States of America, which pretends to be the guardian of human rights in the world, questioning other countries, has been and continues to be the one which most systematically violates human rights. Nicaragua therefore makes the following recommendations: To immediately halt the unjustified arms race and to judge those responsible for all war crimes and massacres against unarmed civilians, women and children, as well as torture. …. Assume its responsibilities which have been caused by capitalism, causing natural disasters, particularly in the poorest countries."

* North Korea: "The DPRK remains gravely concerned by persistent reports of systematic and widespread human rights violations committed by the United States of America, and recommends as the following: Take legislation and administrative measures to address a wide range of racial discrimination and inequalities in housing, employment and education…. Prohibiting and punishing the brutality… by law enforcement officials. Take effective measures to put an end to gross human rights abuse, including violence against women."

* Egypt: "We remain concerned about certain U.S. policies and practices in the field of human rights, and therefore Egypt presents the following recommendations to the United States: Review its laws at the federal and state levels with a view to bringing them in line with its international human rights obligations. To devise specific programs aimed at countering growing Islamaphobia and xenophobic trends in society. To end the use of military technology and weaponry that have proven to be indiscriminate and cause excessive and disproportionate damage to civilian life."

* Not to be outdone, China said: "We have also noticed with concern that there are gaps in the U.S. laws protecting human rights … there is also a serious discrimination against Muslims and minority racial groups … in the name of fighting terror. The United States is also monitoring the exercise of its citizens' freedom of expression and the right to free Internet access. We have the following recommendations … ending excessive use of force by law enforcement agents .. modify the definition of discrimination in its laws to bring it in line with … international standards."

* Said Libya: "The United States need to accede to international human rights instruments. … it should prosecute those responsible for violations of human rights in American prisons."

Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner, another U.S. spokesman dispatched by the Obama administration, said the U.S. was "humbled by the recognition that we need to continue and even redouble our efforts as we strive to make ours a more perfect union."

At the Powerline Blog was this conclusion:

"The Obama administration has a message for the world. The message is something along these lines: The United States is very bad, but Barack Obama is very good. He seeks to redeem America from its evil."

In its official respond to the criticisms, the U.S., through State Department legal adviser Harold Koh, said, "Civil society has made invaluable contributions to our UPR report and presentation and will continue to be our partner as we consider these many recommendations."

At Hot noted that among the critics, Iran "currently [is] poised to stone an Iranian woman for adultery" and North Korea "systematically starves a captive population."

"The temptation here is to frame this as an Obama problem, part of his world apology tour, etc, but that's only half the equation. His deputies could have and should have treated this 'critique' with the utter contempt it deserved, but as I noted above, we're now obliged by resolution to account for our sins periodically to vastly worse offenders," the commentator wrote.

According to a Fox News analysis of the presentation, "what really is under review is the gamble by the Obama administration to join the council in the first place, rather than shun it in disdain, as the Bush administration did, along with its predecessor, the U.N. Human Rights Commission, because of its roster of despotic members and unbridled antagonism toward Israel."

The Heritage Foundation reported that in earlier reports to the same group:

* China claimed that it "adheres to the principle that all ethnic groups are equal and implements a system of regional ethnic autonomy in areas with high concentrations of ethnic minorities" and that its elections are "democratic" and "competitive."

* Cuba claimed its "democratic system is based on the principle of 'government of the people, by the people and for the people.'" Cuba also claimed the rights to "freedom of opinion, expression and the press" are protected.

* North Korea claimed it "comprehensively provides" for fundamental rights and freedoms, including freedoms "of speech, the press, assembly, demonstration and association … work and relaxation, free medical care, education and social security."

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Muslim pupils learn to cut off hands of thieves

Muslim children are being taught how to chop off thieves’ hands and that Jews are plotting to take over the world at a network of Islamic schools, it has been disclosed.

By Graham Paton

Up to 5,000 pupils attending weekend schools across Britain are being exposed to textbooks claiming that some Jews were transformed into pigs and apes, and that some offences could be punished with stoning. One book for six year-olds warns that those who do not believe in Islam will be condemned to “hellfire” in death.

Another text for 15 year-olds teaches that thieves who break Sharia law should have their hands cut off for a first offence and their feet amputated for a subsequent crime. Teenagers are presented with diagrams showing where the cuts should be made.

Tonight’s Panorama on BBC One will claim that the books were discovered at a network of 40 private schools teaching the Saudi Arabian national curriculum. The programmed claims to have uncovered evidence apparently linking the schools to the Saudi embassy. Officials at the embassy deny any link.

Panorama also found examples of private Muslim schools using extremist sentiments on their websites.

Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, said last night that extremism, homophobia and anti-Semitism would not be tolerated in schools.

However, researchers claimed in a separate report that the education system was “not equipped” to deal with the threats posed by extremist organisations. The Policy Exchange think-tank said the Coalition’s new free schools, run by parents, teachers and charities, could be exploited by organisations seeking to indoctrinate young people. It also claimed that checks on groups running private schools were “piecemeal, partial and lack depth”. Mr Gove said Ofsted had been ordered to monitor part-time education providers closely.

The schools featured on Panorama were apparently organised under an umbrella group called Saudi Students Clubs and Schools in the UK and Ireland. They give Muslim children aged six to 18 a grounding the Islamic faith.

According to the BBC, a book for 15 year-olds teaches about Sharia law and its punishments. “For thieves their hands will be cut off for a first offence, and their foot for a subsequent offence,” it says. Two diagrams show where cuts should be made.

For acts of sodomy, children are told that the penalty is death. A textbook says there are different views on whether this should be done by stoning, or burning with fire, or throwing over a cliff. Textbooks for 15 year-olds revive the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” which teach that Jews want world domination.

In a statement, the Saudi embassy said: “Any tutoring activities that may have taken place among any other group of Muslims in the United Kingdom are absolutely individual to that group and not affiliated to or endorsed by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia.” The Saudi Ambassador told the BBC it was “dangerously deceptive and misleading” to discuss some of the texts outside of context.

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This could be the End of The Free Press and America I kid you not

Who says Congress never gets anything done?

On Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved a bill that would give the Attorney General the right to shut down websites with a court order if copyright infringement is deemed “central to the activity” of the site — regardless if the website has actually committed a crime. The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) is among the most draconian laws ever considered to combat digital piracy, and contains what some have called the “nuclear option,” which would essentially allow the Attorney General to turn suspected websites “off.”

COICA is the latest effort by Hollywood, the recording industry and the big media companies to stem the tidal wave of internet file sharing that has upended those industries and, they claim, cost them tens of billions of dollars over the last decade.

The content companies have tried suing college students. They’ve tried suing internet startups. Now they want the federal government to act as their private security agents, policing the internet for suspected pirates before making them walk the digital plank.

Many people opposed to the bill agree in principle with its aims: Illegal music piracy is, well, illegal, and should be stopped. Musicians, artists and content creators should be compensated for their work. But the law’s critics do not believe that giving the federal government the right to shut down websites at will based upon a vague and arbitrary standard of evidence, even if no law-breaking has been proved, is a particularly good idea. COICA must still be approved by the full House and Senate before becoming law. A vote is unlikely before the new year.

Among the sites that could go dark if the law passes: Dropbox, RapidShare, SoundCloud, Hype Machine and any other site for which the Attorney General deems copyright infringement to be “central to the activity” of the site, according to Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights group that opposes the bill. There need not even be illegal content on a site — links alone will qualify a site for digital death. Websites at risk could also theoretically include p2pnet and or any other website that advocates for peer-to-peer file sharing or rejects copyright law, according to the group.

In short, COICA would allow the federal government to censor the internet without due process.

The mechanism by which the government would do this, according to the bill, is the internet’s Domain Name System (DNS), which translates web addresses into IP addresses. The bill would give the Attorney General the power to simply obtain a court order requiring internet service providers to pull the plug on suspected websites.

Scholars, lawyers, technologists, human rights groups and public interest groups have denounced the bill. Forty-nine prominent law professors called it “dangerous.” (pdf.) The American Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights Watch warned the bill could have “grave repercussions for global human rights.” (pdf.) Several dozen of the most prominent internet engineers in the country — many of whom were instrumental in the creation of the internet — said the bill will “create an environment of tremendous fear and uncertainty for technological innovation.” (pdf.) Several prominent conservative bloggers, including representatives from,, The Next Right and Publius Forum, issued a call to help stop this “serious threat to the Internet.”

And Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the world wide web, said, “Neither governments nor corporations should be allowed to use disconnection from the internet as a way of arbitrarily furthering their own aims.” He added: “In the spirit going back to Magna Carta, we require a principle that no person or organization shall be deprived of their ability to connect to others at will without due process of law, with the presumption of innocence until found guilty.”

Critics of the bill object to it on a number of grounds, starting with this one: “The Act is an unconstitutional abridgment of the freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment,” the 49 law professors wrote. “The Act permits the issuance of speech suppressing injunctions without any meaningful opportunity for any party to contest the Attorney General’s allegations of unlawful content.” (original emphasis.)

Because it is so ill-conceived and poorly written, the law professors wrote, “the Act, if enacted into law, will not survive judicial scrutiny, and will, therefore, never be used to address the problem (online copyright and trademark infringement) that it is designed to address. Its significance, therefore, is entirely symbolic — and the symbolism it presents is ugly and insidious. For the first time, the United States would be requiring Internet Service Providers to block speech because of its content.”

The law professors noted that the bill would actually undermine United States policy, enunciated forcefully by Secretary of State Clinton, which calls for global internet freedom and opposes web censorship. “Censorship should not be in any way accepted by any company anywhere,” Clinton said in her landmark speech on global internet freedom earlier this year. She was referring to China. Apparently some of Mrs. Clinton’s former colleagues in the U.S. Senate approve of internet censorship in the United States.

To be fair, COICA does have some supporters in addition to sponsor Sen. Pat Leahy (D-Vermont) and his 17 co-sponsors including Schumer, Specter, Grassley, Gillibrand, Hatch, Klobuchar, Coburn, Durbin, Feinstein, Menendez and Whitehouse. Mark Corallo, who served as chief spokesperson for former Attorney General John Ashcroft and as spokesman for Karl Rove during the Valerie Plame affair, wrote Thursday on The Daily Caller: “The Internet is not at risk of being censored. But without robust protections that match technological advances making online theft easy, the creators of American products will continue to suffer.”

“Counterfeiting and online theft of intellectual property is having devastating effects on industries where millions of Americans make a living,” wrote Corallo, who now runs a Virginia-based public relations firm and freely admits that he has “represented copyright and patent-based businesses for years.” “Their futures are at risk due to Internet-based theft.”

The Recording Industry Association of America, which represents the major record labels, praised Leahy for his work, “to insure [sic] that the Internet is a civilized medium instead of a lawless one where foreign sites that put Americans at risk are allowed to flourish.”

Over the course of his career, Leahy has received $885,216 from the TV, movie and music industries, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

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The TSA must go - We are not slaves to the goverment or of Islam

Did you know that U.S. airports could choose to kick the TSA program to the curb? According to the 2001 law that created the TSA, after two years of using TSA screeners to check passengers at security checkpoints, airports have a right to opt-out of the TSA program and instead hire private screeners.

According to Washington Examiner, Rep. John Mica wrote to heads of more than 150 U.S. airports, reminding airports that they have a choice and suggesting that they opt-out of TSA screening. Mica will soon be chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. He wrote, "When the TSA was established, it was never envisioned that it would become a huge, unwieldy bureaucracy which was soon to grow to 67,000 employees. As TSA has grown larger, more impersonal, and administratively top-heavy, I believe it is important that airports across the country consider utilizing the opt-out provision' and use private screening."

In past years, some airports have cited liability concerns if they hire private screeners and a terrorist would get through.

Mica said the TSA is counting more on humiliating passengers with the grossly invasive "naked scanner" machines and groping searches than practicing proven airport security. Yet TSA's Blogger Bob insists, "There is no fondling, squeezing, groping, or any sort of sexual assault taking place at airports."

Back in 2003, during a hearing, Mica said of TSA airport screening, "We've created a multi-billion-dollar mirage." That seems true. Even the government seems unable to keep some facts straight. TSA previously claimed "scanned images cannot be stored or recorded." But then the feds admitted to storing body scans, and Gizmodo published the leaked images of one hundred naked citizens. Although the University of California biochemistry faculty members wrote that the x-ray "dose to the skin may be dangerously high," the White House stated that full body image scanners are safe and have been "studied extensively for many years" by FDA, DHS, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

If the TSA program is meant to make us feel safe, security theater with high-tech scanners, buzzers and gadgets, alarms and blinking lights, then it seems like an utter fail. Goonish intimidation tactics of being groped and "sexually assaulted" do not stir up feelings of safety. A TSA agent admitted the enhanced pat downs were supposed to make everyone walk into the body scanners. That happened after TSA met "Resistance." The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg asked a TSA screener, "In other words, people, when faced with a choice, will inevitably choose the Dick-Measuring Device over molestation?" The TSA screener replied, "That's what we're hoping for. We're trying to get everyone into the machine."

To appease pilots who have protested continued exposure to backscatter machines and virtual strip searches or invasive pat downs, TSA administrator John Pistole said the agency will soon announce "some new policies." However, CNET was told by a TSA source that the changes won't affect the public. "A revised screening process for only pilots could involve a biometric ID card that would allow security to be bypassed at high-traffic airports."

TSA's Pistole told The New York Times, he was "specifically worried about the Internet-based campaign encouraging fliers who opposed the new machines to observe a 'national opt-out day' on Nov. 24, the day before Thanksgiving." An estimated 24 million travelers will fly over the Thanksgiving holidays.

In a way, I feel a bit sorry for TSA agents who conduct the rub-downs . . . but then I saw a 3-year screaming, "Quit touching me" during a pat down and Tyner's controversial video evidence. Then it really seems just way, way out of control as the public was never supposed to see those. Mostly, I feel sorry for Americans who have to endure virtual strip searches or being felt up. Some travelers report no issues at airports. Some critics say if you don't like it, then don't fly. That argument is about as ridiculous as Eric Schmidt's, "If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place" statement. Flying is the only option sometimes. I disagree with the TSA supervisor who told Tyner that he gave up a lot of rights by buying a ticket. This is still the USA.

Not everyone, but millions of people are not pleased with the government screening. The TSA wants to try to fine John Tyner after they let him leave the screening area and then claimed TSA agents "didn't know the rules." After all that has happened with TSA and the loud public outcry for everything from privacy invasion to abusing civil liberties, perhaps it is time for airports to kick the TSA program to the curb and hire private screeners? Will private screeners do a better job than the TSA? Who knows, but it seems unlikely they could muck it up any worse. Airplanes will not be 100% secure even if travelers were stripped naked and cavity searched.

So what's it going to be, America? TSA RIP? Should U.S. airports hire private screeners or should the TSA buy the rights to the song "Pants on the Ground" and blare it from speakers at security checks so passengers can make TSA's job that much easier?

Other nations are laughing at us and our predicament. The video below was created by Taiwanese animators to represent the TSA and Tyner's "touch my junk" incident. Why not try private airport screeners? Would we surrender our freedom any more, or have our privacy invaded any worse, if we stopped trusting TSA to protect us from the bad guys? Some people claim the terrorists have won and that the TSA are the bad guys.

Napolitano: 'More to come' on Muslims, pat-downs Won't answer question about hijab-wearing faithful and screening

© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano speaks during a news conference regarding transportation security prior to the holiday travel season at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia, on November 15, 2010. Also discussed was the If You See Something Say Something campaign which urges the public to report things that seem out of place. UPI/Roger L. Wollenberg Photo via Newscom

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has avoided answering a question about whether hijab-wearing Muslim women would be given the same security X-rays – or full-body pat-downs – as other passengers.

The issue of the invasion of privacy created by the newly enhanced procedures – passengers are given a choice of an X-ray that essentially reveals their nude body for a TSA agent to review or a full-body pat-down that includes touching private body areas – has been raging for the last few days.

Join thousands of others in a petition demanding action against the intrusive airport screening procedures implemented by Janet Napolitano and send a letter to Congress, President Obama and others telling them exactly what you think about the issue.

It was at a news conference that Napolitano was asked by, "On the pat-downs, CAIR has recommended that Muslim women wearing hijabs refuse to go through the full body pat-downs before board plans. Will you insist that they do go through full body pat-downs before boarding planes?"

Napolitano didn't answer the question. Instead she talked about the need to keep powders and gels and liquids off passenger jets.

What she did say was, "We are doing what we need to do to protect the traveling public and adjustments will be made where they need to be made."

She continued, "With respect to that particular issue, I think there will be more to come."

The report reported she said, "This is being done in recognizing that we all have a collective role in our security and we all know and can recognize that there are threats and risks that have been articulated by those who seek to harm the United States, particularly in the aviation environment. And, so, you know, what we are doing is designed to really be risk based, to be intelligence based, to be layered like I said, when you get to the airport at that screening center, that's really – these TSOs are really the last line of protection we have for the aircraft and that's the way we're going to evaluate things."

At a forum for ABC's "The View," was the one-word question, "Adjustments"?

From a second contributor, Harleywoman68, "I believe EVERYONE should have to go through. Safety is my first priority."

And from a third came, "Not sure what 'adjustments' need to be made. Muslim women need to be subjected to the same exact search as Christian or Jewish women."

WND reported several days ago how CAIR, the Islamic group that was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a terror-funding case, was telling Muslim women how to instruct Transportation Security Administration agents at airport checkpoints.

The advisory by the Council on American-Islamic Relations comes amid controversial new requirements set by the TSA for passengers traveling by air either to submit to a nude full-body scan or have a full pat-down that includes private parts of the body.

Now, according to CAIR, those procedures may be for others but not necessarily for Muslim woman.

"If you opt out of the full-image body scanner, you have the right to request that the manual search be conducted in private," CAIR said on its website. "It is your right to be screened by an officer of the same gender. The TSA states in its Head-to-Toe Screening Policies: 'It is TSA's policy that passengers should be screened by an officer of the same gender in a professional, respectful manner.'"

Further, the website said, "If you experience any disturbing incidents with the new pat-down procedures, particularly if you feel you have been subjected to religious or racial profiling, harassment or unfair treatment, immediately file a complaint with the TSA."

The Fiqh Council of North America, an association of Muslims who interpret Islamic law, previously warned Muslims against being screened by the X-ray machines that reveal a graphically nude image.

That, the council said, is "against the teachings of Islam, natural law and all religions and cultures that stand for decency and modesty. … It is a violation of clear Islamic teachings that men or women be seen naked by other men and women.

"The Quran has commanded the believers, both men and women, to cover their private parts. Human beings are urged to be modest in their dress. See Holy Quran, 7:26-27; 24:300-31; 33:59."

But it was just last year, the Daily Mail of London reported, when authorities were hunting for associates of Muslim women suspected of detonating two bombs in the Russian subways, killing nearly 40 people.

Alexander Bortnikov, head of Russia's Federal Security Service, explained in last winter's attack that the terrorists were likely to have been "black widows," Muslim women radicalized by the conflict in the North Caucasus.

United Press International reported just months ago a female suicide bomber detonated an explosion that killed 54 people in Baghdad. U.S. authorities had warned just days earlier that female kamikazes, possibly linked to al-Qaida, also may attempt to attack American cities.

The move toward Islamist groups using woman in suicide missions is growing, despite the religion's statements that Muslim women should not be warriors.

However, CAIR said that Muslim women who wear the hijab, the head and neck covering, have additional instructions for dealing with TSA officials.

"If you are selected for secondary screening after you go through the metal detector and it does not go off, and 'sss' is not written on your boarding pass, ask the TSA officer if the reason you are being selected is because of your head scarf," instructs CAIR. "In this situation, you may be asked to submit to a pat-down or to go through a full body scanner. If you are selected for the scanner, you may ask to go through a pat-down instead.

"Before you are patted down, you should remind the TSA officer that they are only supposed to pat down the area in question, in this scenario, your head and neck. They SHOULD NOT subject you to a full-body or partial-body pat-down," the instructions continued. "You may ask to be taken to a private room for the pat-down procedure. Instead of the pat-down, you can always request to pat down your own scarf, including head and neck area, and have the officers perform a chemical swipe of your hands."

The CAIR "travel advisory" also said the TSA procedures are "much more intrusive" and that passengers have reported "feeling humiliated."

CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial in Texas in 2008.

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Under God' vindicated in attack on Pledge Court: Constitution 'does not require complete separation of church and state'

By Drew Zahn
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

A child says the Pledge of Allegiance as 24 children representing 18 countries take the Oath of Allegiance at a naturalization ceremony at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in Washington on June 12, 2010. UPI/Alexis C. Glenn Photo via Newscom

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit has upheld the constitutionality of public school children reciting "under God" in Pledge of Allegiance, rebuffing a prominent atheist group's attempt to stop the practice.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a lawsuit in 2007 on behalf of two New Hampshire parents and their three children, challenging the state's School Patriot Act, which requires that public schools authorize a time for students to voluntarily participate in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The lawsuit alleged that the statute violates the Constitution's Establishment Clause, as well as the First Amendment's guarantee of free exercise of religion.

In its unanimous decision, however, the court's three-judge panel ruled, "That the phrase 'under God' has some religious content … is not determinative of the New Hampshire Act's constitutionality. This is in part because the Constitution does not 'require complete separation of church and state.'

"It takes more than the presence of words with religious content to have the effect of advancing religion," the court continued. "The New Hampshire School Patriot Act's primary effect is not the advancement of religion, but the advancement of patriotism through a pledge to the flag as a symbol of the nation."

For this high-profile case, the Wisconsin-based FFRF enlisted well-known atheist activist Michael Newdow to argue its case.

Supporting the Pledge in the court battle was The National Legal Foundation, the Foundation for Moral Law, the Alliance Defense Fund and the American Center for Law & Justice, which filed a brief on behalf of 42 members of the 111th Congress and more than 80,000 Americans who signed on to the ACLJ's Committee to Protect "Under God."

"This appeals court reached a significant and sound decision that underscores what most Americans understand – that the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance embraces patriotism, not religion," said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the ACLJ. "The decision not only upholds the constitutionality of the Pledge, it rejects another fruitless attempt by the Freedom from Religion Foundation to twist and distort the Constitution with its flawed reasoning."

"The Pledge of Allegiance shouldn't be banned from the nation's public schools simply to appease an atheist group's political agenda," commented ADF Senior Legal Counsel David Cortman. "The court did the right thing in affirming the district court's dismissal of this case. Acknowledgements of the nation's unquestionable religious heritage do not have to be stripped from the public square. We do not need to scratch 'In God We Trust' off our coins, remove references to our 'Creator' from the Declaration of Independence when used in class, or remove 'under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance."

Has Arizona seen the birth certificate ? Expanding billboard campaign moves to Kingman

© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Billboard on Highway 93 near Kingman, Ariz.

Arizona isn't exactly a state where Washington's status quo is wholly supported.

Just look at the state's fight over the right to protect its own citizens from a literal invasion of foreigners from south of the border – a fight prompted because the federal government doesn't want the state to enforce the laws that already exist.

And then there's the state law that bans the teaching of school courses that promote the overthrow of the United States, another lawsuit target because it prompted the cancellation of some "La Raza" classes.

And don't forget that Arizona was very close to becoming the first state to impose a requirement on presidential candidates that they document their constitutional eligibility before they are allowed on the state ballot.

But will the question that's popped up on billboards in dozens of states already, in a move into Arizona, make a difference? Remains to be seen, say officials with the program that posted the newest campaign image along Highway 93 (mile marker 65) near Kingman, Ariz.

Billboard on Highway 93 near Kingman, Ariz.

Just days earlier, a new sign had appeared in Pennsylvania, on Route 61 northbound just before the I-78 intersection at Cabela's in Hamburg.

Billboard near Cabela's in Pennsylvania

And if it seems that there are more and more of these appearing, that's no one's imagination.

"If it seems like we are posting more billboards than ever, the perception is correct," said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officers of WND, and the mastermind behind the campaign.

"With a new Congress coming to power and more Americans realizing every day that lingering questions about Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility have not been answered, we are making a concerted effort to step up the pressure. Of course, we need continued financial support for this campaign from the American people to keep it up," he said.

Surveys a little more than a year ago revealed barely half of those in America were aware of the questions over Obama's eligibility. But polls as recent as a few weeks ago now show that 6 in 10 Americans doubt Obama's constitutional eligibility to occupy the Oval Office.

Other recent billboards have been seen in Alabama and Delaware, officials for the campaign confirm, as well as Florida and Georgia. A long list of sites are being developed.

The campaign was started a little more than a year ago after a poll showed barely half of Americans were even aware of questions about Obama's eligibility.

The result of the sign campaign has been reflected in the poll showing 6 in 10 Americans doubt Obama's eligibility to be president. The campaign also is credited with helping change America's mind about the president.

Billboard west of Houston

Polling revealed at the outset of the effort that few Americans knew of the near total lack of historical documentation for the president, from his original long-form birth certificate to his school and college records, health records and even documents from his tenure in public office.

However, it was a CNN poll that showed now a majority of Americans have doubts about Obama's authority to direct America's foreign policy, military and domestic agenda. Further, a recent CBS–New York Times poll showed only 58 percent of Americans even think Obama was born in the USA.

In the CNN poll, asked, "Do you think Barack Obama was definitely born in the United States, probably born in the United States, probably born in another country, or definitely born in another country?" the responses surprised many.

"Definitely in the U.S." was the choice of 42 percent, and "probably in the U.S." 29 percent. But 11 percent said definitely in another country and 16 percent probably in another country.

Previously the sign has appeared in Houston and Dallas. Other postings were in Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Tennessee and San Antonio. The question also has been asked in state and federal courts across the land, even in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Copycat signs also have appeared in locations ranging from Oregon to Denver.

The "Where's The Birth Certificate" question directly challenges Obama's authority to direct programs such as the government takeover of health care, Wall Street and automobile companies.

New "Where's the Birth Certificate?" billboard in Dallas

The question pertains to the core issue raised in all of the legal and other challenges to Obama: Was he qualified under the requirements of the U.S. Constitution that the president be a "natural born citizen," a requirement not imposed on other federal officeholders.

The campaign was launched in 2009, and Farah attributes widespread interest in the great "birth-certificate controversy" to the billboard campaign that, he believes, rekindled the debate about Obama's constitutional eligibility for office. The campaign asks the simple but unanswered question, "Where's the birth certificate?"

The Dallas sign was posed on the west side of I-75 visible to traffic on the highway in the area just south of Churchill Way.

San Antonio has also been asked the question by a billboard on Loop 410, near Old Pearsall Road.

And earlier signs were in California, San Antonio, Florida and Tennessee:

Billboard on Long Beach Freeway near Firestone Blvd.

San Antonio billboard

Billboard near Panama City, Fla.
Billboard in Nashville, Tenn.

Billboard near Panama City, Fla.
Billboard near Panama City, Fla.

The campaign has been sustained by contributions from WND visitors and others who have discovered it from simply driving past a billboard.

Farah is convinced that it's working and promises to sustain it if he can continue to get financial help.

"No matter how hard my colleagues try to make the public forget about this issue, no matter how hard they attempt to ridicule anyone who wants to see the proof, no matter how much they demean even decorated military officers who take their own oaths seriously, this issue will not go away. It's going to be around in 2012. It may even be the defining issue in 2012," he said.

Billboard near Navarre, Fla.

Farah says he could not have pulled off the campaign without the support of WND's readers. The cost of the billboards has been offset by donations – and Farah says he wants to step up the campaign because it's winning.

Billboard near Talledega, Ala.

"I'm quite sure based on our own polls that if those people were asked whether they would like to see Obama release his birth certificate, more than half the country would say 'yes' – and all the other personal papers he has refused to disclose," Farah said.

Farah says the billboards have had a lot to do with changing popular opinion – even if the media don't get it.

"People simply shouldn't have to conjecture about where they think their president was born," he says. "It ought to be a matter of public record – and it clearly is not."

Aside from the billboard campaign, WND has devoted more investigative reporting to the issue of eligibility than "all other media outlets combined," says Farah.

In addition, the billboard campaign was rejected by three major billboard companies, all owned by major media outlets – CBS, Clear Channel and Lamar.

Billboard near Bethel, Pa.

"What I need Americans to understand is that this billboard campaign is working," said Farah. "There is no shortage of billboards available to us. The only thing there's a shortage of is the money to erect them. We need to raise tens of thousands of dollars a month just to keep them in place."

"The impact of the billboards is magnified by local television and talk-radio shows in every market they enter," explains Farah. "It's not just the billboard. It's the earned media that comes along with it. It'

Airports? Congress warned jihadists already 'inside gate' Ex-security officials say Shariah creep 'tantamount to sedition'

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JAKARTA, INDONESIA - AUGUST 12: An estimated 60,000 muslim people attend an Islamic Caliphate conference held by the radical Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, at Gelora Bung Karno stadium, August 12, 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Controversial Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Ba'asyir was scheduled to address the conference, but organisers asked him not to attend after police raised security concerns. Founded in Lebanon in 1905, Hizb ut-Tahrir is committed to uniting all Muslim countries in a single Islamic state or Caliphate. The organisation promotes Shariah, or Islamic Law, and claims to have more than a million members in 40 countries. (Photo by Dimas Ardian/Getty Images)

In an unprecedented series of Capitol Hill briefings, a coalition of former U.S. intelligence officials, military officials, FBI investigators and federal prosecutors plans to warn incoming Republican lawmakers about what they say is a seditious threat to national security from radical Muslim Brotherhood front groups in America.

The coalition, organized by the Washington-based Center for Security Policy, will urge congressional leaders to "hold urgent hearings to assess the damage" from Brotherhood influence operations, and pass Cold War-style legislation to help ferret out such subversive Islamist elements operating within U.S. borders.

Currently, the officials say, the FBI and Pentagon have no formal counterintelligence programs in place to guard against Brotherhood infiltration efforts targeting Washington.

"Under both parties, the U.S. government has comprehensively failed to grasp the true nature of this enemy," the group warns in a 352-page report distributed to winners of the 2010 elections and other members of Congress.

Find out what Islam has planned for you. Get "Muslim Mafia," the book that exposed the Muslim Brotherhood and organizations like the Council on American Islamic Relations from the inside out, autographed, from WND's Superstore!

In addition, the group will present case studies of influence operations the Brotherhood has mounted against the U.S. government.

The Muslim Brotherhood, a worldwide jihadist movement based in Egypt and heavily funded by Saudi Arabia, is the parent of Hamas and al-Qaida. It shares al-Qaida's goals of imposing Shariah law in the West and re-establishing the Islamic caliphate to rule in accordance with it.

Shariah law is an Islamic legal code that administers "cruel and unusual punishments" against women, homosexuals and non-Muslims, according to the report. It also limits free speech and expression, including the liberty to analyze and criticize Shariah, making it "incompatible with the U.S. Constitution."

"In fact," the coalition argues, "Shariah's pursuit in the United States is tantamount to sedition."

The group says laws empowering the FBI and other agencies to crack down on Soviet infiltrations during the Cold War may not be enough to protect Washington from Brotherhood penetrations. It warns that the Brotherhood is already "embedded deep inside both the United States and our allies," and its agents are more "sophisticated" than Soviet spies and "highly skilled in exploiting the civil liberties and multicultural proclivities of Western societies."

"The prior experience would not mean the security precautions that sufficed to protect the nation from communism are sufficient to shield us from a totalitarian ideology cloaked in religious garb," the group asserts in its report, without elaborating.

On Tuesday, the group, led by former senior Pentagon official Frank Gaffney, is scheduled to hold a meeting with congressional staffers and leaders – including Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colo., member of the House Armed Services Committee – to discuss the threat Shariah poses to First Amendment and other rights.

A few years ago, FBI investigators uncovered a trove of Brotherhood documents in the Northern Virginia basement of a senior Brotherhood leader under investigation for terrorism. The archives established a subversive network in America that happens to include some of the country's largest mainstream Muslim groups.

Among other entities, the secret documents listed: the Islamic Society of North America; an umbrella group for several Muslim organizations; the North American Islamic Trust; which owns most of the major mosques in America; the Holy Land Foundation, at the time the nation's largest Islamic charity; and the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the nation's largest Muslim advocacy group.

U.S. prosecutors entered the Brotherhood documents into evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trial, which ended in 2008 with convictions on all 108 counts. ISNA, NAIT and CAIR were added to a list of unindicted co-conspirators in the terror-financing case.

The Brotherhood network's strategy papers called for a "grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house ... so that Allah's religion is made victorious over all other religions."

So-called Shariah creep, formerly confined to Canada and Britain, has become an issue in America.

In 2009, for example, a New Jersey family court judge denied a request for a restraining order by a woman whose Muslim husband had serially tortured and raped her. The judge ruled on the grounds that the abusive husband had acted according to his Shariah beliefs, which condone wife beating and marital rape. A New Jersey appellate court overturned the ruling last July.

Oklahoma earlier this month overwhelmingly passed a constitutional ban on Shariah law. But a U.S. district court judge has delayed its certification pending a lawsuit filed by CAIR.

CAIR argues that "Shariah is a dynamic legal framework derived from the Quran" and other Islamic scripture, and is confirmed by scholars using "analytical reasoning." It claims it is not a set of fixed principles and is flexible, applied differently throughout the Muslim world.

Not so, argues the anti-Shariah security coalition. "In fact, for especially the Sunni and with regard to non-Muslims, there is ultimately but one Shariah," it says in its report titled, "Shariah: The Threat to America."

CAIR insists a parallel legal system based on Shariah punishments – such as stonings, amputations, death sentences for apostates, and other human-rights abuses witnessed in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim states – is not being proposed in America.

"No one has or will ever propose anything to do with criminal punishments often associated with Shariah," CAIR says.

However, CAIR's leaders are on record expressing their desire to institutionalize Shariah law in America.

"I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future," CAIR Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper told a Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter in 1993, before CAIR was created.

CAIR's founding chairman Omar Ahmad wants Shariah law to replace the Constitution.

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant," Ahmad told a Muslim audience in Fremont, Calif., in 1998. "The Quran should be the highest authority in America."

CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad believes Muslims are best suited to run Washington: "Who better can lead America than Muslims?" Evidence introduced during the Holy Land trial showed that Awad participated in a 1993 meeting with Hamas leaders at a Philadelphia hotel.

CAIR says it's a "civil rights advocacy group," but the Justice Department says it's a front group for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, which prosecutors say has a plan to not only support violent jihad but impose Shariah law on the U.S.

"From its founding by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, CAIR conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists," said assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Kromberg in a recent federal court filing, as quoted in the book, "Muslim Brotherhood: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America," which exposes Muslim Brotherhood front groups in America.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

REALLY ? It's a plane no it's a weather balloon? Maybe it was Thunderbird 3 taking off from Tracy island -

I wonder could it be Thunderbird 3 from Tracy Island? Or Just Wonder Woman on a joy ride!

Could it be a super secret launch of the new Skylon project the shuttle replacement? ( below)

Notice the burn of the object the after burners or engines fire for almost 2 minutes?

Have you ever seen a commercial plane leave a contrail like this one ?

The large trail suggests a heavy payload being lifted, the larger the trail the greater the ratio of minutes of burn.

This was taken of the space shuttle Discovery 50 miles away from lunch site in Central Fl.

This was taken 25 miles away from Kennedy Space Center in Fl. of a Delta 5 Missile launch 2009

This was taken from a boat 20 miles from the lunch peninsula at Kennedy Space Center , it was Space shuttle Discovery 2005

Never Fear your Government is here to save the Day!

Our government with lighting quick reflexes and action has solved the mystery of the contrail over California. It was Wonder Woman and her invisible plane, that's why we only see the contrail. Problem solved, say Clouseau!

Now if it were a plane and Wonder Woman was flying it that would account for why the FAA having no glue of it's flight path.. She never files one. This would account for why it was not on any radar screens, it's an invisible plane.

Now silly me these are the questions I was asking before we were told it was Wonder Woman on a joy ride.

Was this an secret launch of the new Skylon project ahead of schedule? Opps That was not so secret!

Does what ever was launched have to do with the recent finding of billions of gallons of water on the moon? Thus the cause for a hasty launch that has no prior warning.

How do we know this was never a threat as the government has stated if we don't know what it is?

Was it launched to intercept a incoming meteor or other object hauling toward earth?

Why did it seem to mirror a Shuttle launch in such great detail? The burn signature and trajectory?

Was there an open window that day and time that would have made a space lunch possible?

Why did the engines on this plane seem to burn and glow for so long and so bright until out of site, which seems again to mirror a shuttle or missile launch.. I am just saying.

If it where a plane and Wonder Woman was not flying it where did it land ?

Was this part of Nasa's new Muslim outreach program. Are we trying to show the Muslim world we know not what we do and you are great and so much more learned then we in the west?

We will never know as long as the press keeps repeating what they are being told by the Government. What happened to question everything and believe nothing the Government says?Where are the opposing views of thought??? What if or maybe? I'd like 5 minutes with the Nasa Administrator to ask some of these questions.

The point that disproves this as anything but a very large missile or even a military version of the Space shuttle is the burn ratio to minutes after launch . What I mean is when you watch the video, don’t watch the contrail watch and see how long the engines where firing on this object. I counted well over two minutes, until it went out of site. I believe at one point you can even see a flash and then separation of solid fuel tanks.

What Nasa and the press are not doing is comparing launch profiles of our space shuttle or large ICBM missiles with this object. Listen we have a far greater problems than a bad economy if our military satellites were not tracking this object on take off, and a far greater problem if we don’t know where it landed or where in space it ended up.

What goes up must come down unless it goes into space? For fun let’s say we were not tracking the take off, did we track the landing if this where a plane? If it where a plane were did it land? Why was Norad unable to get a fix on it so close to Vandenberg Air Force Base, California ??

Below is what the press is being feed by government sources! Don't believe it for one second .


WASHINGTON (AP) - The Pentagon said Tuesday it did not know what created a vapor trail that crossed the skies off the Southern California coast and resembled a missile launch.

Video posted on the CBS News website shows an object flying through the evening sky Monday that left a large contrail, or vapor trail. A news helicopter owned by KCBS, a CBS affiliate in Los Angeles, shot the video.

Pentagon officials were stumped by the event. "Nobody within the Department of Defense that we've reached out to has been able to explain what this contrail is, where it came from," Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan said.

While the vapor cloud captured on video resembled that created by a rocket in flight, military officials said they didn't know of any launches in the area.

Lapan said that "all indications" were that the Defense Department was not involved with the object.

One expert called it an optical illusion. "It's an airplane that is heading toward the camera and the contrail is illuminated by the setting sun," said John Pike, director of the U.S.-based security analyst group

The North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, issued a statement jointly with the U.S. Northern Command, or NORTHCOM, saying that the contrail was not the result of a foreign military launching a missile. It provided no details.

"We can confirm that there is no threat to our nation," the statement said. "We will provide more information as it becomes available."

NORTHCOM is the U.S. defense command and NORAD is a U.S.-Canadian organization charged with protecting the U.S. from the threat of missiles or hostile aircraft.

Pike said the object could not have been a rocket because it appeared to alter its course.

"The local station chopped up the video and so it's hard to watch it continuously," Pike said. "But at one place you can see it has changed course - rockets don't do that."

Pike said he didn't understand why the military had not recognized the contrail of an aircraft. "The Air Force must ... understand how contrails are formed," he said. "Why they can't get some major out to belabor the obvious, I don't know."

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Thank you Citizen Sentry

I wanted to take time to thank all of you Patriots. Thank you for what my friend Shawn always says, “ Do the right thing”! You did. At Federal, State, and at Local levels! You voted fellow Tea Party Patriots into office.

I wanted to thank the over 300,000 of you that read and follow my websites. – – I still find the numbers overwhelming. Thank you, you understand that Freedom is the bedrock to all of our liberties.

Over the past year we have had a great ride, influencing a major talk show host to adjust his website to information only. Michael We got my favorite book “ The Evil Tree “ on Glenn Beck’s Radio and TV show where millions where introduced to the evil of communism!

We sounded the alarm bell on cargo planes, and the threat they pose 6 month’s ago. We stated that UPS and Fed Ex would be the target. I’d like to think big brother was listening and reading.

Many thousands of you have asked how I can spend the hours I do sending the information I do for free. My answer is how can I not. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can, please keep telling your friends to read and be informed!

This movement is about your children and your grandchildren, and what kind of America will we leave them. There is no choice, It must be that Shining City On The Hill!

Many of you have started to call me Paul or PR, thank you he is one of my Hero’s.

Not because of the one if by land and two if by sea, or The Ride. It was the relationships that he built years before that made his ride so successful. His friends knew him to be a leader and a man of Honor. They followed his call because they believed in Paul and knew he was a man who could be trusted.

I am no modern day Paul Revere. I do believe in the cause of America. I know some one must sound the alarm bell. I know you can’t do that while selling your soul.

So if you believe what I believe, If you see what I see, then continue to read, and educate your friends and KEEP SOUNDING THE ALARM BELL. AMERICA NEEDS YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER!!

Thank you Friends

God Bless American


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Border tunnel found - 6 football fields long with rail system - 20 tons of weed found

SAN DIEGO - Federal authorities in San Diego have made one of the largest marijuana seizures in the United States, confiscating 20 tons of pot near an underground tunnel connecting warehouses on either side of California's border with Mexico, officials said Wednesday.

Mexican authorities seized another 4 tons of pot from the warehouse on their side of the border.

In total, between 25 and 30 tons of marijuana were seized from both sides - worth more than $20 million if sold on the streets of San Diego, said John Morton, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement director. The bricks of pot were packaged for sale.

"This is obviously the work of a cartel," said Morton, who held a news conference outside the warehouse in an industrial park near the Otay Mesa truck crossing, across from Tijuana.

Officials said the lightening-speed, 12-hour operation started Tuesday night when U.S. authorities watching a warehouse under surveillance followed a tractor-trailer as it left the building.

ICE agents called in the California Highway Patrol, whose officers stopped the rig near Temecula, Calif., about 60 miles way. Authorities say they found 10 tons of marijuana inside the tractor-trailer. The driver, a U.S. citizen, and his Mexican wife were arrested and will be arraigned in San Diego today.

Authorities quickly obtained a federal search warrant to enter the warehouse, where they discovered 10 to 15 more tons of marijuana, Morton said.

They also found the opening to the tunnel, which ran the length of six football fields under the border and ended at a warehouse in Mexico, Morton said. The tunnel had lighting, ventilation and a rail system to send loads of illegal drugs into California.

The clandestine passageway was too low to stand up in and was believed to be in operation for only a brief time, Morton said.

Officials said the seizure was the largest ever in California and was believed to be the second-largest in the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents seized 33 tons of marijuana in Oregon in 2008, DEA special agent Ralph W. Partridge said.

Wednesday's announcement comes a little over a week after Mexican officials made their largest marijuana seizure ever, confiscating a massive 134 tons believed to belong to the powerful Sinaloa cartel. Morton said officials haven't determined whether the two major busts were from the same group of traffickers.

Officials have found 125 cross-border tunnels built by Mexican drug cartels to elude detection since the early 1990s, ICE officials said.

Of those, 75 have been found in the past four years. Many were discovered before they were completed. The majority were found along the California and Arizona borders with Mexico.

Morton credited the increase in tunnel discoveries to "good old-fashioned law enforcement" efforts, with agents keeping a close eye on the thousands of warehouses storing goods moved back and forth across the border.

Morton said such a rapid bust, which came after a monthlong investigation, was possible because of cooperation between U.S. and Mexican authorities. He said that cooperation is better than ever, making it tougher for Mexican drug traffickers to move their loads and forcing their smuggling businesses to move underground.

Read more:

Turkish supporters for flotillas aimed at breaking Israel’s maritime embargo on Hamas-controlled Gaza recently raised the Nazi flag with an expression

Turkish supporters for flotillas aimed at breaking Israel’s maritime embargo on Hamas-controlled Gaza recently raised the Nazi flag with an expression of gratitude. The Turkish language slogan on the flag is a common expression of gratitude, according to the [Islam] Religion for website.

Turkey was not allied with the Nazi regime but retained important trade agreements that allowed Nazi Germany to import key materials until the pact was broken one year before the end of World War II.

The web site states that Muslim jihadists have committed 15,533 attacks around the world since the September 11, 2001 aerial suicide bombings on the United States.

Turkey and the terrorist-linked IHH organization organized the last flotilla May 31, when IHH members, many of them with training by terrorist groups, attacked Israeli Navy commandos who prevented the Mavi Mamara ship from continuing on course to Gaza.

The clash sparked another crisis in Turkish Israeli relations, which have rapidly deteriorated since last year’s three-week Operation Cast Lead war against the Hamas terrorist infrastructure.

“For a sovereign state, giving up on a matter like this requires giving up on its statehood,” a senior government official told journalists, as reported by Turkey’s Today’s Zayman. “Turkish-Israeli ties appeared headed for a collapse if Israel refuses, as it does now, to offer a formal apology,” for the clash.

The official also alleged that the Mavi Mamara was headed for Egypt’s El-Arish port and not to Gaza. (

Wake up - The Red Dawn scenario is being run right now

This is part of what is called the Red dawn scenario.. Testing the fence to see where the weakness is, and then using maxim force to attack at the weakest point from inside with saboteurs. We should be looking inside our nuke plants , military bases, water treatment plants, cargo rail systems,.. We must focus security at the lowest step on the ladder,custodial workers, window washers, valets, cab drivers, airport cargo workers. The network is in place for a massive attack.. There are a million eyes in these places alone, looking reporting, testing the fence. Look at the way the Japanese tested the the fence before Pearl Harbor, spy's posing as tourist's taking pictures of pearl harbor shipping defense preparations, schedules of officers and sailors. This was a low tech operation but at the heart of largest naval base and we had no idea it was going on. The Trojan horse is already in place and it has emptied it cargo of saboteurs and they are just waiting for the sign from the 12th Imam. This is not just limited to Islamic radicals, this is a world wide network including many like causes who want America on her knees.

LOS ANGELES - Federal prosecutors unveiled charges Tuesday against three newly jailed California residents accused of conspiring to provide support to al Shabaab, an al Qaeda-allied rebel group based in Somalia.

The three men, all arrested by FBI agents in San Diego this week, are the latest of several individuals taken into U.S. custody in recent months on charges of trying to aid al Shabaab, designated a terrorist organization by the State Department.

The five-count indictment against the latest suspects -- Basaaly Saeed Moalin, Mohamed Mohamed Mohamud and Issa Doreh -- was returned by a federal grand jury on Oct. 22 and unsealed on Tuesday, coinciding with Moalin's arraignment.

He was ordered held without bail pending a detention hearing set for Friday. The two others are expected to appear for arraignment on Wednesday. The men were described as San Diego residents, but their nationalities were not revealed.

They are charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, conspiracy to kill in a foreign country and related offenses, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office in San Diego.

The al Shabaab militia, which seeks to impose a strict version of Islamic law throughout Somalia, has waged a bloody insurgency with other groups against the Western-backed Mogadishu government in recent years.

In July, the group claimed responsibility for twin bombings that killed nearly 80 people in Uganda, which has provided the bulk of African Union troops in a peacekeeping mission in Somalia.

U.S. officials have said many of al Shabaab's senior leaders are believed to have trained and fought with al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

The new indictment accuses Moalin of coordinating fund-raising efforts and money transfers to the insurgents with Mohamud and Doreh at the behest of a once-prominent al Shabaab military leader Hashi Ayrow, who has since been killed. According to the indictment, Moalin and Ayrow were in direct telephone contact.

Even after Ayrow's death in 2008, the three conspirators continued to transfer money from San Diego to Somalia to purchase weapons used by al Shabaab militants, the indictment says. (Editing by Jerry Norton)

Can anyone say SKYNET ?? - US Military Ready for War in Cyberspace

By Jim Wolf

WASHINGTON - The U.S. military's new Cyber Command, responsible for shielding 15,000 military computer networks from intruders, has become fully operational, the Defense Department said Wednesday.

More than 100 foreign intelligence organizations are trying to break into U.S. networks, Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn wrote in the September/October issue of the journal Foreign Affairs. Some already have the capacity to disrupt U.S. information infrastructure, he said.

Gates ordered the new unit's creation in June 2009 to address the growing threat of cyber-attack.

It consolidates offensive and defensive operations under Army General Keith Alexander, who also heads the National Security Agency, the Defense Department's intelligence arm that protects national security information and intercepts foreign communications.

"Cyberspace is essential to our way of life and U.S. Cyber Command synchronizes our efforts in the defense of (Defense Department) networks," Alexander said in the Pentagon announcement.

Lynn declared the unit, based at Fort Meade, Maryland, fully up and running in a memorandum dated Oct. 31, said Colonel Rivers Johnson, a Cyber Command spokesman.

The new unit began work in May, establishing a joint operations center and transitioning personnel and functions from the old structures.

It is part of the Offutt Air Force, Nebraska-based Strategic Command, the organization responsible for U.S. nuclear and space operations as well as information warfare and global military intelligence.

Ayn Rand, “The Nature of Government,” The Virtue of Selfishness

The source of the government’s authority is “the consent of the governed.” This means that the government is not the ruler, but the servant or agent of the citizens; it means that the government as such has no rights except the rights delegated to it by the citizens for a specific purpose.

Ayn Rand, “The Nature of Government,” The Virtue of Selfishness, 110.

The Republican win on Tuesday was far larger than the historic takeback in the stunning rebuke of then-President Clinton in 1994 that subsequently forced a chastised Clinton to enact welfare reform (pig flying moment). On tsunami Tuesday, the Republicans won more seats in the House than at any time since 1948 – 65 seats, the biggest swing by either party in the 62 years since then, and another six seats in the Senate. We changed the world at the state level, completely flipping 18 state legislatures, including North Carolina, which hasn't seen a Republican majority since 1870. The Republicans gained over 500 legislative seats. Republicans picked up at least 10 governorships, giving them more than 30. Think about that.

Even the sparse wins the subversive left managed to pull out on Tuesday were riddled with chicanery, cheating, union payoffs, and the buying of votes with "free lunches." Reid's systemic corruption garnered a win funded by millions of dollars from public-sector unions. It was all in the ground game. Same for California -- a state from which decent, hardworking Americans (aka Republicans) have been fleeing, a state destroyed by union chokehold.

Given that a couple of million Californians have left the state in the past 20 years, most of them Republicans, it’s surprising that Democrats didn’t do better. [....]If 2 million Republicans still were in the state, instead of elsewhere, the Republicans would be triumphing here much as they are throughout the country. Brown’s victory will continue to drive mostly Republicans from the state. Perhaps Meg Whitman would have, too, if she had become governor. The state’s anti-business climate is just too severe for serious jobs creation — except in a few industries in the high-tech sector, such as Silicon Valley (although Apple just located its new server farm in North Carolina); or in the “clean” industries favored by [the left anti-capitalists] AB32 and other environmental laws and regulations. (Cal Watchdog -- Departed Californians Swing Election)

The stakes could not have been higher or more serious in the triumph of the rational on Tuesday. But despite the voter fraud, the SEIU/ACORN thugocracy, and the illegimate tactics, the people spoke, and the people won. Now what? We are done with big government. We are done with recklessly stealing huge private sector wealth. We are done being taxed half to death, our future leveraged and our competitive edge destroyed.

There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism—by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide. “Foreign Policy Drains U.S. of Main Weapon,” Ayn Rand, Los Angeles Times, Sept. 9, 1962, G2

Higher taxes imposed on the rich (and the semi-rich) come out of their investment capital (i.e., their savings). These taxes mean less investment, i.e., less production, fewer jobs, higher prices, etc. By the time the "rich" lower their standard of living, those who work in their companies or subcontract with them will be gone, along with their savings and their spouses' jobs — and no power in the world (no economic power) will be able to revive the dead industries (there will be no such power left). This is paraphrasing Rand decades ago, in “The Inverted Moral Priorities."

We are done with lies. We are done with "it's Bush's fault." We are done with "Obama inherited the second Great Depression." No. Obama's policies led to a great coming depression. Obama talks about Bush spending? The utter gall. Bush was Jack Benny to Obama's prolifigate mack daddy warbucks. The left can spin it any way they like -- the economic emergency of 2008 was a direct result of Democrat entitlement/financial policy: Carter's Community Investment Act (CIA), Clinton's sub-prime push and the ensuing Barney Frank Freddie Mac/Fanny Mae plunder. I do not fault Bush war expenditures. We are at war with a ruthless, bloodthirsty savage ideology that has no humanity. No expense can be spared in defeating jihad. Obama's sniveling like a little girl falls on deaf ears when you consider the trillions he stole from us for no reason but to pad the pockets of his shadow government.

Obama still doesn't get it. Obama's tone at his press conference on Wednesday was still contemptuous of the American people and shocking in terms of simple math. He had the audacity to say this:

We should be able to agree now that it makes no sense for China to have better rail systems than us, and Singapore having better airports than us,” he said.

“And we just learned that China now has the fastest supercomputer on Earth. That used to be us. They’re making investments, because they know those investments will pay off over the long term,” he added.

Singapore and China are free market economies -- laissez faire capitalism (though China is politically repressed, which is why they will ultimately fail). So here we have Obama whining about more successful countries, successful because of capitalism, while driving America to the failed European model of socialism, marxism, and serfdom.

Obama's big government America quickly deteriorates the conditions in which free men produce, invent, and prosper, because of government taxation and regulation. The price of force. Big government has been encroaching on our lives for decades now, and with Obama, the bottom falls out.

The changes are imperceptible on a daily basis, but for those of us who are over forty, it is not hard to recall the differences. Particularly the small differences. Eastern Airlines (long defunct) was the most familiar carrier New York to Florida -- and it was an experience. To the privileged came the champagne and the ice cream sundae cart. That lovely little cart would make its way down the aisle, and you'd choose from the sprinkles or the whipped cream or the hot sauce atop your fave flav. Silly, I know, but like most things, this lagniappe went the way of the horse and buggy, as did the hot meals. And how could it not? The government taxed everything from soup to nuts. From the fuel surcharges to security fees, it always comes out of the consumer. Air travel went from being an experience to dreaded harassment and flying in a packed sardine can.

The Concorde was going to be the future of air travel, in which we'd bop from place to place in half the time. Now the Concorde is defunct. Kaput. Much like the environment for producers and businessmen, who are the "villains" of Democrats, statists, collectivists, moochers and looters.

Everything is worse, less, and more expensive. When you went on vacation, the valet took your car. Now it's $19.95 to park your rental car at the hotel. Are these industries gouging the customer? No. They are trying to stay in business.

This is the price of force. This is the price of coercion. This is the price of statism. This is the price of big government. The very idea of America has been subsumed by an enslavement mentality.

Every dollar the government robs from business, from the individual people, is a dollar that won't be invested in the private sector. Weath won't be created, jobs won't be created, entrepreneurs and businessmen will be deprived of capital, etc. The United States was founded on the principle of individual rights -- government was designed to be small. The objective of the government was defense -- protection of indiviudal rights.

The essential characteristic of socialism is the denial of individual property rights; under socialism, the right to property (which is the right of use and disposal) is vested in “society as a whole,” i.e., in the collective, with production and distribution controlled by the state, i.e., by the government.

Socialism may be established by force, as in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics—or by vote, as in Nazi (National Socialist) Germany. The degree of socialization may be total, as in Russia—or partial, as in England. Theoretically, the differences are superficial; practically, they are only a matter of time. The basic principle, in all cases, is the same.

The alleged goals of socialism were: the abolition of poverty, the achievement of general prosperity, progress, peace and human brotherhood. The results have been a terrifying failure—terrifying, that is, if one’s motive is men’s welfare.

Instead of prosperity, socialism has brought economic paralysis and/or collapse to every country that tried it. The degree of socialization has been the degree of disaster. The consequences have varied accordingly.

“The Monument Builders,” The Virtue of Selfishness,

There is no difference between the principles, policies and practical results of socialism—and those of any historical or prehistorical tyranny. Socialism is merely democratic absolute monarchy—that is, a system of absolutism without a fixed head, open to seizure of power by all corners, by any ruthless climber, opportunist, adventurer, demagogue or thug.

When you consider socialism, do not fool yourself about its nature. Remember that there is no such dichotomy as “human rights” versus “property rights.” No human rights can exist without property rights. Since material goods are produced by the mind and effort of individual men, and are needed to sustain their lives, if the producer does not own the result of his effort, he does not own his life. To deny property rights means to turn men into property owned by the state. Whoever claims the “right” to “redistribute” the wealth produced by others is claiming the “right” to treat human beings as chattel.
“The Monument Builders,” The Virtue of Selfishness, 91

What has the government done with the untold wealth they looted from the American people other than sucking much needed capital out of our free society to pay off their thugs, crooks, and corrupt organizations, and get-out-the-vote community organizations?

Government is not the answer -- it destroys everything it touches. We must take back the culture, becuase politics is merely a reflection of the culture. The left has the culture in a chokehold. They demonize the successful and hardworking and exalt failures, moochers and looters -- an inverted moral priority.

Our victory is the beginning of the 40 years war -- who is with me?

We will repeal national socialist Obamacare.

We will destroy all old propaganda media. New media is steamrolling over the deadmen walking.

We will repeal the financial reform bill that scapegoated business for the abject failures of the fed.

We will take back the college campuses.

We will get on our childrens' school boards and, just like in Texas, change the whitewashed history books and review the syllabi.

Get government out of our lives. Dismantle big government. Piece by piece.

Deregulate business. Piece by piece. Sector by sector. Unshackle the motor of the country. Free the producer.

We will volunteer in homeschooling networks. We will donate and offer our services in our respective areas of expertise.

Unshackle America. Repeal "hate crime" legislation. All crime is hate. This is an attack on free speech. Islamic supremacists will invoke "hate speech" to kill free speech.

We will expose and prosecute the subversives like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, ISNA and all Muslim Brotherhood fronts whose stated aim is "eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within."

We will call our mortal enemy by its rightful name: Islamic jihad.

We will turn the Muslim Brotherhood into the Muslims Little Girlyhood.

We will stop funding Ground Zero Mosque Imam Rauf's fund raising junkets to the Middle East.

We will stop importing whole Muslim communities from Somalia under the "UN's Resettlement Program."

We will ridicule, polarize, and render irrelevant the dogmatic, evil leftists.

We will crush them with our logic and reason and concrete facts.

We will demand reasoned discourse and laugh at their ad hominen attacks.

RINOs will not be tolerated. Leave the party, join the traitors. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, take note.

Drill baby, drill.

We will raise the voting age to 21. Military excluded. If "children" are still on their parents health-care at 26, maybe 21 is too low.

We will mandate trips for key liberals in leadership to Iran, Somalia, Darfur, et al, to watch clitorectomies, stonings, and gender apartheid.

We will arrange for youth summer camps in Somalia and Darfur for Obama's youth corps, and tell them it's the peace corps for the lefties.

We will demand accountability from the United Nations, or withdraw from it.

We will save Israel from Islamic anti-semitism.

We will disqualify the Organization of the Islamic Conference at the UN until there is an Organization of the Christian Conference and Organization of the Jewish Conference.

This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. -- Winston Churchill (1874-1965