Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do words really turn men into killers?

If we are going to hold Talk Radio and the right wing responsible for the Arizona shooting this week, should we not go further. If words really matter and they can turn someone into a killing machine. If words are code and can reach into a person's most evil side, should not all words be held equally responsible.

At this point should we not be looking at those who kill,and the words that turned them into killing machines?

I would suggest that if you look into a killers past and beliefs you may find a dirty little secret hiding and waiting to kill again.

The answer is the Koran and the Imams that spread the radical messages that they pull from it's pages. Many of these killers over the past 8 years have been normal for the most part, and then after going to a mosque for a few month's, all of a sudden they are turned into killers. Never have I heard that the spoken word inside the mosque's and Muslim schools are turning out killers.. Men and woman who look to make a point by killing innocent American Citizens. If words matter America then they matter and all who speak them should be held accountable.

If Rush or any talk radio host was heard saying what is spoken openly in Mosque's around America they would be pulled off the air in a minute. The only listeners they would have left would be the crazies..

Now what a second, who is left listening to the Imams??? I hope just the crazies.