Friday, April 30, 2010

Project America Run Show Your Support

Donate to Project America Run

I am moved by your desire to contribute to my effort to honor our lost countrymen. Donations to Project America Run will be used exclusively to 1) cover the direct costs of staging the event and 2) fund private rehabilitation programs for disabled veterans who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. Project America Run is being carried out under the sponsorship of Honoring Our Veterans, a non-profit 501(c)(3) Corp., that is an educational and public benefit corporation formed to assist wounded and disabled military veterans.

The educational and public benefit purposes of Honoring Our Veterans include: educating the public on the needs of wounded and disabled veterans; organizing citizen volunteers to help meet and administer those needs through therapeutic activities including recreational therapy; working with other public charities involved with therapeutic activities in order to directly assist wounded and disabled veterans with activities such as horseback riding, National Park tours, river rafting and fishing trips, educating wounded veterans themselves on life skills that will aid in the transition from military careers and war trauma to civilian life; and, building citizen networks to participate in providing free recreational therapeutic activities for wounded and disabled veterans.

Donations to Project America Run will be used to further the aims and activities of Honoring Our Veterans, to bring more wounded veterans to Jackson Hole and surrounding areas, as well as going to other designated charitable organizations that provide rehabilitation and social integration services for wounded veterans.

Mike Ehredt, who conceived the idea of, and who is running in, Project America Run, and Wally Thrall who is the principle organizer of the event, will be participating in the decisions regarding how the donated funds will be distributed.

Thank you so much for supporting this incredible event ... and for honoring our fallen soldiers, who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our country and our way of life. You can support this cause by remitting your tax deductible donations by mail, phone or our online store:


It is not necessary to register in order to donate. Simply select those donations which total up to your desired amount of donation to put in the shopping cart.
2. Next, click the checkout button on the shopping cart page to complete your donation.
3. The automatically generated form appears as an invoice—this is your receipt.
4. Your donation will appear on your statement as 'Honoring Our Veterans'.


Your donation will be appear on your statement as 'Honoring Our Veterans.'


Please make your check payable to 'Honoring Our Veterans' and note 'P.A.R' on the memo line. Mail your donation to:
Project America Run
PO Box 1617
Driggs, ID 83422

Receipts will be sent to you by mail or e-mail, if you provide an e-mail address.

I humbly thank you for your support.

Mike Ehredt