Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sodexo Under Attack From SEIU

Well workers of the world unite with Andy Stern, and Danny Glover. Sodexo is a capitalist company making profits on the backs of the little people. These SEIU workers are only being paid $7.50 an hour to cook, and clean for the man, and union dues.
How much does the Union Take per paycheck, and then not get a living wage for its SEIU Members from evil Sodexo?

I must have missed something after falling down the rabbit hole. No one is forcing these folks to work for the wages their union negotiated for them. They are free to go and take their skill set anywhere where they think they are worth more money. America is not the EU.
Now the bigger question that has to be asked is how much more than $7.50 an hour does Andy Stern get paid to get his union workers such a poor contract? This is the contract that SEIU and their union agreed to work for! SEIU was able to donate 63 million to political causes during the last election cycle. Someone is making money with SEIU, it’s just not the rank and file.

How much does Danny Glover get paid to do a movie? I'll bet more than $7.50 an hour! He now cares, so he marches with SEIU! Is he overpaid?
What would happen if the next time you show up at a Danny Glover movie, and you get to the counter, the teller says, that will be $10.50.YOU LOOK THEM IN THE EYE AND SAY, "I won't pay more than $2.50 to see Danny Glover! He's not worth more than $2.50." Then turn and walk away. How long will it be before AMC, Regal and Loews stop showing Danny Glover films? If customers are not willing to pay the going rate for a service, you must lower the cost. Now I'm sure they would love to show the movies for $2.50, but if they did they would most likely go bankrupt. The market sets a person worth, and there skill set sets them apart from the rest. Danny could demand a lot because he made the studio many millions over the years.
We are the market, and if we find that Danny Glover is no longer worth what he is asking us to pay to see him! The market will redefine Danny's worth on his next film, based on what you, the consumer does. Did Andy the head of SEIU get his rank and file the most, for their due money?

SEIU workers/ Is Andy living on what he got you under the contact that SEIU signed with Sodexo? If not ask why? Why are your union dues paying him more than he got for you? Your problem is with SEIU, If they could have got you more they would have. The more you make the more dues they can take! The ladder is on the RIGHT, use it and climb out of the rabbit hole the Left pushed you into!

Sodexo Protest Photos - "It's a beautiful day to get arrested"
Sodexo made more than a billion dollars profit in 2009, yet pays its workers in the U.S. as little as $7.50 an hour. Even if a worker is lucky enough to get full-time hours year-round (which is hardly the case for many of the company's workers), that still comes to just $15,600 per year--well below the poverty line for a family of four.
The global food service contractor also doesn't offer affordable health care options for 2/3 of its non-managerial employees in the U.S.. Now can you see why we spent the last five days protesting Sodexo's unfair and illegal treatment of workers?
About 200 people attended today's protest outside Sodexo's Gaithersburg, MD headquarters, including workers who went on strike yesterday at George Mason University and the delegation from France and England. A dozen brave activists who stepped beyond the police tape and linked arms were arrested taking a stand for workers who have been silenced and suppressed at every turn by Sodexo. Among the dozen who were arrested were SEIU President Andy Stern and actor/activist Danny Glover.
Among the "dirty dozen" who were arrested during the protest: Terry Shelly, a Sodexo worker at Loyola University who was fired in retaliation for her union organizing activity; SEIU Executive Vice Presidents Mitch Ackerman & Bruce Raynor, a parent of a student at Tulane University in New Orleans and a student leader from United Students Against Sweatshops. One by one, police led them away, but they stood strong raising arms overhead showing their strength.
Check out photos from the April 16 Sodexo protest and arrests below (