Wednesday, November 10, 2010

REALLY ? It's a plane no it's a weather balloon? Maybe it was Thunderbird 3 taking off from Tracy island -

I wonder could it be Thunderbird 3 from Tracy Island? Or Just Wonder Woman on a joy ride!

Could it be a super secret launch of the new Skylon project the shuttle replacement? ( below)

Notice the burn of the object the after burners or engines fire for almost 2 minutes?

Have you ever seen a commercial plane leave a contrail like this one ?

The large trail suggests a heavy payload being lifted, the larger the trail the greater the ratio of minutes of burn.

This was taken of the space shuttle Discovery 50 miles away from lunch site in Central Fl.

This was taken 25 miles away from Kennedy Space Center in Fl. of a Delta 5 Missile launch 2009

This was taken from a boat 20 miles from the lunch peninsula at Kennedy Space Center , it was Space shuttle Discovery 2005

Never Fear your Government is here to save the Day!

Our government with lighting quick reflexes and action has solved the mystery of the contrail over California. It was Wonder Woman and her invisible plane, that's why we only see the contrail. Problem solved, say Clouseau!

Now if it were a plane and Wonder Woman was flying it that would account for why the FAA having no glue of it's flight path.. She never files one. This would account for why it was not on any radar screens, it's an invisible plane.

Now silly me these are the questions I was asking before we were told it was Wonder Woman on a joy ride.

Was this an secret launch of the new Skylon project ahead of schedule? Opps That was not so secret!

Does what ever was launched have to do with the recent finding of billions of gallons of water on the moon? Thus the cause for a hasty launch that has no prior warning.

How do we know this was never a threat as the government has stated if we don't know what it is?

Was it launched to intercept a incoming meteor or other object hauling toward earth?

Why did it seem to mirror a Shuttle launch in such great detail? The burn signature and trajectory?

Was there an open window that day and time that would have made a space lunch possible?

Why did the engines on this plane seem to burn and glow for so long and so bright until out of site, which seems again to mirror a shuttle or missile launch.. I am just saying.

If it where a plane and Wonder Woman was not flying it where did it land ?

Was this part of Nasa's new Muslim outreach program. Are we trying to show the Muslim world we know not what we do and you are great and so much more learned then we in the west?

We will never know as long as the press keeps repeating what they are being told by the Government. What happened to question everything and believe nothing the Government says?Where are the opposing views of thought??? What if or maybe? I'd like 5 minutes with the Nasa Administrator to ask some of these questions.

The point that disproves this as anything but a very large missile or even a military version of the Space shuttle is the burn ratio to minutes after launch . What I mean is when you watch the video, don’t watch the contrail watch and see how long the engines where firing on this object. I counted well over two minutes, until it went out of site. I believe at one point you can even see a flash and then separation of solid fuel tanks.

What Nasa and the press are not doing is comparing launch profiles of our space shuttle or large ICBM missiles with this object. Listen we have a far greater problems than a bad economy if our military satellites were not tracking this object on take off, and a far greater problem if we don’t know where it landed or where in space it ended up.

What goes up must come down unless it goes into space? For fun let’s say we were not tracking the take off, did we track the landing if this where a plane? If it where a plane were did it land? Why was Norad unable to get a fix on it so close to Vandenberg Air Force Base, California ??

Below is what the press is being feed by government sources! Don't believe it for one second .


WASHINGTON (AP) - The Pentagon said Tuesday it did not know what created a vapor trail that crossed the skies off the Southern California coast and resembled a missile launch.

Video posted on the CBS News website shows an object flying through the evening sky Monday that left a large contrail, or vapor trail. A news helicopter owned by KCBS, a CBS affiliate in Los Angeles, shot the video.

Pentagon officials were stumped by the event. "Nobody within the Department of Defense that we've reached out to has been able to explain what this contrail is, where it came from," Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan said.

While the vapor cloud captured on video resembled that created by a rocket in flight, military officials said they didn't know of any launches in the area.

Lapan said that "all indications" were that the Defense Department was not involved with the object.

One expert called it an optical illusion. "It's an airplane that is heading toward the camera and the contrail is illuminated by the setting sun," said John Pike, director of the U.S.-based security analyst group

The North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, issued a statement jointly with the U.S. Northern Command, or NORTHCOM, saying that the contrail was not the result of a foreign military launching a missile. It provided no details.

"We can confirm that there is no threat to our nation," the statement said. "We will provide more information as it becomes available."

NORTHCOM is the U.S. defense command and NORAD is a U.S.-Canadian organization charged with protecting the U.S. from the threat of missiles or hostile aircraft.

Pike said the object could not have been a rocket because it appeared to alter its course.

"The local station chopped up the video and so it's hard to watch it continuously," Pike said. "But at one place you can see it has changed course - rockets don't do that."

Pike said he didn't understand why the military had not recognized the contrail of an aircraft. "The Air Force must ... understand how contrails are formed," he said. "Why they can't get some major out to belabor the obvious, I don't know."