Monday, August 9, 2010

Who is Vera Baker and why do she and Larry St. Clair Matter

Vera Baker Will now To Drag Pres. Obama's Name Through The Mud

Google Larry St. Clair or Vera Baker have you ever heard their names before?

Former Obama campaign manager, Vera Baker, is the focal point of a cheating scandal between herself and President Barack Obama that is running rampant throughout the scandalous side of the Internet and major US tabloids. According to the rumor, Vera Baker and Pres. Obama allegedly hooked up during the campaign trail whenever Mrs. Obama wasn't in town. Mmmm Hmmm. This sounds like a plot cooked up by some idle teabaggers. Here are the facts:

Who is Vera Baker?
Vera Baker was a member of Barack Obama’s campaign team when he was running for the Senate.
Previously, Baker served as the National Finance Director on Senator Barack Obama's 2004 Senate Campaign.
Baker also served as the Deputy Political Director at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign committee.
She was a major fundraiser, responsible for raising millions of dollars for Obama’s campaign.
Her organization was the top fundraising firm during the 2004 elections.
Vera Baker was also listed as the CEO of Baker Wanbu & Associates, which is no longer in business.

How did Vera Baker and Barack Obama become involved?
Obama became close to Vera Baker when she worked on the fundraising campaign to get him elected to the Senate. Baker was responsible for raising millions of dollars in campaign contributions.

Where is Vera Baker now?
Vera Baker is said to be currently residing on the Caribbean island of Martinique.
However, there are conflicting accounts as to how Baker came to be there.
One popular rumor has it that Vera Baker was removed from her duties when Michelle Obama discovered what was going on, and demanded that Baker be banished to Martinique.

What does Vera Baker have to say in her own behalf?
Two years ago, when the rumor first surfaced, Vera Baker, who was 33 at the time, emphatically stated that “Nothing happened” between herself and Barack Obama.
This time, Vera Baker has retained an attorney retained to help her counter the rumors that she was once Obama’s mistress, which she says are “absolutely false.”

How did the rumor about the Barack Obama - Vera Baker cheating scandal start?
A Swiss newspaper, Le Matin has resurrected an old rumor that’s been around since 2008.
The National Enquirer is actively investigating the rumored Barack Obama - Vera Baker affair

What exactly is supposed to have happened between
Barack Obama and Vera Baker, and when did it occur? Rumor has it that on the night of May 18, 2004, Vera Baker was dropped off at a DC hotel by a limo driver, where she allegedly spent the night with Barack Obama.

What proof is there that Obama and Vera Baker had an affair?
None that we have seen thus far.