Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Woman In Turkey Use I phones - Propaganda Photo of the Day- Hey, They’re Just Like Us!”

The problem with the mainstream media isn’t just that they lie, are biased, and skew their “reporting” in a way tailor-made to favor their liberal point of view. It’s that they do the same in favor of Islam, always looking for ways to soften the violent, hateful, terrorist-filled religion with cuddly, human interest pap.

Take today’s USA Today Life/Travel section. The newspaper has a new feature in which readers are supposed to send cell phone photos to post in their gallery. That’s dumb in and of itself because, hey, do I really need to see your cell phone pics of Uncle Bob traversing the Great Wall of China or riding some stupid camel he paid terrorism supporters in Abu Dhabi to ride? But USA Today says it will “spotlight the most inspiring and intriguing examples.” Inspiring and intriguing, huh? Look at the photo the paper posted today, below.

Please, pray tell, what is inspiring and intriguing about two Turkish Muslima hags using an iPhone? It’s not interesting in the least. Is this supposed to tell us, hey, they’re not such extremists or supporters of terrorism, like a flotilla ship full of weapons ready to stab Israeli soldiers? Yup, that’s the message. No, they’re just people who use iPhones and technology . . . just like us. After all, Bin Laden and Islamic terrorists never ever use technology or the latest in cool gadgets and cellphones, right? Uh-huh. Tell it to all the dead U.S. soldiers who’ve been murdered by IEDs made out of cell phones. Tell it to As-Sahab, Al-Qaeda’s high-tech television network. I mean, really, have these people at USA Today never seen a single story on how Muslims use the latest in cellphone and internet technology to communicate and recruit terrorists, via YouTube, Facebook, and Yahoo!