Wednesday, August 4, 2010

OUTRAGE: Obama’s Counterterrorism Agents Pursue Israel Over HAMAS Assassination

After the 9/11 attacks, Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates held off FBI investigators for more than six months, refusing to cooperate with their investigations. As you probably know, the hijackers used Dubai bank accounts and IDs to finance and carry out their attacks that murdered 3,000 innocent American civilians. Also, the Emirates continued to recognize the Taliban as late as December of 2001. And they funded anti-American, anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying speakers and authors.

Obama Wasting $ on Finding Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh a/k/a Abu Abed Killers

Contrast that with America’s enthusiastic participation in the investigation of the alleged Mossad hit squad, which heroically assassinated HAMAS terrorist and Iranian arms procurer Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh a/k/a “Abu Abed.” The U.S. has assigned a team of agents to help Dubai and the U.A.E. ferret out the identities of the assassins of this stain on the earth who was removed from the planet. It’s an outrage. If only they investigated Islamic terrorists on U.S. soil with the exuberance that they are investigating alleged Israelis who did the world a favor by doing in a mass murderer on Dubaian soil.

In fact, the only party more zealous in attacking and “exposing” Israel on the Dubai assassination is the Wall Street Journal, which has two reporters working on the story, and does regular articles on it (including gushing over Dubai’s incompetent Keystone Kop Police Chief, Dahi Khalfan Tamim–Inspector Clouseau, take note). On Saturday, the Journal devoted a half a page to the topic of the U.S. investigating Israel and helping the clown employment agency known as the Dubai police in the matter. It’s simply sickening. And, hey, it’s Obama’s government, so the zeal of federal investigators on this has to come from the top. His administration, his policy:

American investigators, cooperating in a probe of the January assassination of a top Palestinian leader in Dubai, have identified a handful of U.S.-based companies believed to have been used to transfer money to suspects in the case, a finding that brings international authorities closer to identifying who funded the operation.

Instead, U.S. investigators believe, suspects might have posed as freelancers in order to get money in a way that obscured their funding source, and used the money for operational expenses, such as buying plane tickets.

The next step in the investigation would be to determine who the employers were in the transactions.

Representatives of several companies identified in the probe said they hadn’t been contacted by U.S. authorities and weren’t aware of any investigation.

White House officials have declined to comment on how extensively the U.S. has been cooperating on the case with Dubai and the United Arab Emirates—a moderate, Western-leaning powerhouse in the Mideast.

PUH-LEEZE. Moderate? Western-leaning? Tell it to the people who can no longer get Blackberry service there. Tell it to the people who get 30 days in prison for kissing in public. Tell it to the future victims of Iran’s nuclear bombs, made from components shipped from the UAE. Tell it to the victim of the UAE prince’s brutal torture, after the prince was cleared by an “investigation.” Hilarious that this is what now masquerades as “moderate” and “Western-leaning.”

Nope, the only moderate, western-leaning state in the region is not the one which welcomed the arms-dealing HAMAS terrorist with open arms, the guy who felt so welcome that he didn’t bring his usual bodyguards.

Yup, the only truly moderate, western state in the region is the one which is now under investigation for allegedly having its legendary agents clean up the dirty Aisle 8 spill that is Dubai and its welcome terrorist mass-murderers.

How sad that our federal investigators are now assigned to investigate that ally because they did the work that some Americans just won’t do.

Seems to me that our country needs “comprehensive reform” all right. But not in immigration. Rather, we need to overhaul our federal priorities and perspective as to who is the hero and who is the villain in the elimination of a terrorist threat on another country’s infected soil.

It isn’t clear how U.S. investigators traced the suspected money transfers.

If I only had a nickel for every money transfer by Islamic terrorists that federal agents tell me they wish they could investigate. And yet, instead, your federal dollars are spent investigating money transfers for this?! Ridiculous.

Your tax dollars at work . . . investigating Israel for killing a terrorist. Hmmm . . . where is Bin Laden? Oh yeah, priorities. Who needs to look for that guy when we can get Israel? Hmmm . . . using American resources to look for terrorists who mass-murdered 3,000 Americans is far less important that investigating heroes who freed the world of one of his acolytes. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Ya think they spent this much effort investigating the Times Square Bomber or the Undiebomber before we lucked out and their bombs failed?

Think again. The United Arab Emirates have the last laugh at the Dhimmi State of America.

And that’s a lotta Dubai-loney.