Thursday, April 14, 2011

He left on a hunting trip? Was he hunting her..? Why was she running?? Who was she running from.. Something is not right!

Oh the husband is right! Something is very wrong here, and she would have never left alone without help! He states he would never let her be seen without her head scarf,so now it's ok , because he is hoping someone will recognize his wife and call him ..Now lets think about that statement for a minute...He is already in the , she's running from Islam mode.. He assumes she already has taken it off ... Intersting.... I wonder where and when this picture with out the head dress was taken and by whom and for what???

Missing Georgia woman Wazineh Suleiman, the mother of five young children who disappeared nearly a week ago, is safe and has asked police to not tell her husband where she is hiding.

"The case of Wazineh Suleiman is closed. She is in a safe location. She is alive, she is well. She does not wish at this time to let anyone know where she is," Bartow County Sheriff Clark Millsap said at a press conference.

Sources told ABC News that Wazineh Suleiman is afraid of her husband and police have agreed to not tell the husband, Abed Suleiman, her location.

Millsap said that no criminal charges will be filed in the case.

The sheriff declined to answer questions, but said, "Anything that's going on in her residence is her business and her husband's business. Why she left is her business, not ours. Our main concern was to make sure she is safe,"

Wazineh Suleiman's husband, Abed, and her parents briefly appeared at the press conference, but left before it started. They merely said that she was safe.

Abed Suleiman later said as he returned home that he would talk to the press after he is reunited with his wife. The woman's mother said she had not yet spoken with her daughter.

Abed Suleiman had said that his wife left Friday night to rent a movie from Walmart and never returned. Surveillance video showed that Wazineh Suleiman never entered the Walmart. Abed Suleiman had just returned from a canceled hunting trip in Kentucky with his friend Jason Seritt when he found his wife had disappeared.

Before Wazineh Suleiman surfaced, her husband, Abed Suleiman, was questioned for three hours Wednesday night by police.

"I was a suspect ... and they wanted to totally rule me out. They kind of already did that. They just wanted to iron out all the wrinkles and they did that," Abed Suleiman told ABC Affiliate WSBTV as he left the sheriff's office Wednesday night.

Police received a phone call from a sheriff in another part of the state around midnight alerting them that Wazineh Suleiman was safe.

Wazineh Suleiman's friend contacted her husband to let him know that she was alive and safe, police said. The identity of that friend has not been revealed.

Abed Suleiman's hunting buddy, Jason Seritt, said that Wazineh Suleiman owes everyone an apology.

"She put us through all this hell and everybody pointing fingers and saying we did this and we did that," Seritt said.

He said that he never saw the couple argue in the three years he's known them.

"They seemed happy every time I was around them," Seritt said. "He's a real good guy. He'd give anybody the shirt off their back. He'd give her any and everything that she wanted."

Abed and Wazineh Suleiman exchanged heated text messages following her disappearance. In the text messages, Wazineh Suleiman cursed at her husband and threatened to throw the phone out the window, Abed Suleiman said. "There were two text messages where there was profanity used. We are very religious, very religious...Wazineh would never, ever, to me like that or text me like that. She never has and I was saying something is not right," Abed Suleiman said Wednesday.

There is no record of domestic violence between the couple.

Abed Suleiman told ABC News Wednesday that he treated his wife like a queen.