Monday, April 18, 2011

It's over In the EU.. France says “no” to documented migrants

One of the principles of the EU is that if a person has the right to live in one EU country, they can travel in any EU country without a visa or special permission. Countries still have some rights to limit people from other countries becoming permanent residents, but getting past the border is 90% of becoming an effective resident.

So Italy is just a few miles from Tunisia. Italy is being flooded by refugees from “free” Tunisia. Tunisia is a former French colony (from 1881 to the 1950s) so while Tunisians are 98% Arabic speaking Muslims, most also speak French.

So Italy has been organizing special trains for Tunisians wanting to go to France. France doesn’t want them in their country, but once Italy has accepted them as refugees, France has no choice in the matter.

You may remember it was France that rejected the EU Constitution – leaving the EU with a common currency and economic destiny, but with countries still having separate national identities.

Mr Phelps, if you accept this mission, this tape will self destruct in 10 seconds.