Monday, May 3, 2010

Arizona law sparks states' rights revolution

Citizens finally lose patience waiting for Washington to secure border

Posted: May 03, 2010

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Border Patrol apprehends large group of illegal aliens entering U.S.

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Arizona's new law empowering state and local police to determine a person's immigration status may mark the beginning of a states' rights revolution, Jerome Corsi's Red Alert reports.

"Arizona has finally lost patience waiting for Washington to secure the border with Mexico while the state is overrun with illegal immigrants demanding expensive government-funded social welfare services, including free education of children in Spanish in the public schools and free medical care in the emergency rooms of state hospitals receiving federal aid," Corsi wrote.

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Illegal aliens by the tens of thousands took to the streets this weekend in protest dozens of U.S. cities across the nation.

"This time illegal immigrants might be well advised to temper their anger as the mood of America appears to have changed against their cause," Corsi explained.

He noted that various polls are showing that as many as 70 percent of Americans have heard about Arizona's tough immigration law and are in favor of requiring state and local police to determine a person's residency status if there is "reasonable suspicion" the person is an illegal immigrant.

Red Alert predicts the Arizona law is just the beginning of a series of state actions in which state governments will empower state and local police to round up illegals to hand them over to federal authorities for deportation.

"Should illegal aliens intensify street protests," Corsi noted, "the demonstrations will only make the magnitude of the illegal alien problem more evident to middle-class Americans, intensifying the pressure to secure the border with Mexico and to enforce existing immigration laws."

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