Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Juan Gonzalez raped 6-year-old girl!He has been arrested before at 15 years old!

Why is his not across every news wire and on the front page of every news paper. This is just the rape he got caught doing,he is suspected of raping 3 others of young girls under the age of 10!Juan is an illegal,his mother working at the Gym is also illegal. He has two brothers and 3 cousins in this country are also illegal! If convicted and he serves just 15 years he will cost the tax payer of AZ $725,000!


ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - An illegal immigrant accused of raping a 6-year-old girl at Midtown Sports and Wellness Club Tuesday night is on an immigration hold.

Juan Gonzalez, 20, allegedly assaulted the child while she was alone in a play room at the club. The girl’s mother was working out at the gym at the time.

Gonzalez is accused of criminal sexual penetration of a minor, kidnapping and tampering with evidence. Judge Benjamin Chavez raised his bond at $200,000 cash only.

Despite being under the federal hold by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Gonzalez will not be sent back to his home country of Mexico until he goes through New Mexico’s judicial system.

Police said Gonzalez was a member of Midtown because his mother is an employee.

As for the health club’s child care center, it is solely responsible for managing it. The Children, Youth and Families Division regulates traditional day cares.

“Drop-in programs for children specifically that are for children whose parents stay on the same premises are exempt from the regulations,” Dan Haggard with CYFD said Thursday.

The playroom where the victim was attacked is unsupervised, and there is a sign that says so. Workers at the club said the playroom is for kids who are 7 and older. The reported victim in this case is 6.

There is also a child care center at Midtown for younger kids where there is always supervision and they are never left alone. Parents have to pay $3 an hour to drop their child off there while they work out.

“I believe regardless of the setting for parents to be as involved and as knowledgeable as possible about the program where they're leaving their children,” Haggard said.

In a statement, Sports and Wellness said its staff acted immediately after being told about the incident. It also said it has stringent hiring practices and complies with all federal and state laws.