Friday, May 14, 2010

Chilling 4 minutes- David Horowitz is confronted by a Muslim Student

By Gary Grant

Please take 4 minutes and watch this video.

Fellow Patriots, I can not stress stongley enough! Please take note of who you surround yourself with. Never let your gaurd down. Not all Muslims are evil, the problem is knowing which ones are of a good andof a pure heart. You may want to ask some simple questions like David does!

If you think I have been outrageous and fear mongering about the Muslim threat to this country, I am Sorry! David is one of the few people who understands the real and true threat we are up against. This is not theater he is very shaken by the scarf and the head dress. He understands why they are worn and what they really signal in the Muslim world. This is the same as gang colors or signs, being masked by a religion. The signs are everywhere but you have to know what your looking for, before you can see clearly.

Hamas is solely funded by Iran and it's sole purpose is the destruction of the Jews. David is confronted by many Muslims groups on campus across the country.This honestly is one of the scariest exchanges I’ve ever heard. This Muslim student could be any student any where. This is no different than a Catholic defending a petafile preists or defending cop killer Abdul Jamal.

This student is seemingly more afraid of Hamas, that she would choose a terrorist organization over her fellow students, over upholding morality and acceptance of diversity in thought is a heavy, pit-of-your-stomach sad. One of the most unbelievable videos I’ve ever seen:

With full disclosure in mind, David is a dear and close friend of mine.

She finally admits during the last 40 seconds of this clip that she supports a second Holocaust.