Thursday, May 6, 2010

Who are we,Is this still Ameica?

Fellow Americans the following post is a example of America under siege. We are at war,with Illegal immigrants,some Legal immigrants,Socialists, and Muslim extremists,. We must start asking our selves what do we believe as Americans. We need to start asking our schools what they are teaching our children. How do PR children born in NY city grow up flying PR flags and speak Spanish as their main language. Most can barley speak English. Who do we surround our selves with? Do we engage those who are telling lies about America to our youth? Are we holding are school boards accountable?

American Children were told they were not allowed to were American Flags, or show the colors of red,white,and blue on any clothing worn to school on May day A communist workers holiday,which is being celebrated by the unions these days.

We are now living in the United States of Mexico, were every store is going to be a Walmart, and every restaurant a Taco Bell if we are not careful!~!